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The club scene is especially vibrant and popular in Budapest. Almost all of the Budapest Nightclubs are good, and as with anything there are always going to be some that stand out from the rest. In Budapest these are referred to as VIP clubs, the best of the best. These clubs consist of, but are not strictly limited to White Angel, Club Studio, Club Mix, Club Bed Beach and quite a few more. These VIP Clubs are so popular that they often have attendance in excess of 3,000 people. Now, that being said, there are some things that one should keep in mind about these Budapest VIP Clubs. The beautiful Hungarian girls who frequent these places love tourists and foreigners. In fact, you will find that in many instances they are fairly easy to pick up. And one way of really impressing them and making the task a whole lot easier is to have your very own VIP table.

So how do you go about doing that? Well, you can pretty much do it on your own, provided you can afford it. But there are some things you need to be wary of. Are you sure you are really getting a good deal when making VIP table arrangements? These clubs can tell you anything. They may even have a so-called regular price listed (inflated of course) which makes the “discount” price they are giving you look like a great deal when in fact it isn’t. But do not worry; there is a way around that. Hire a party service provider like us. We have know-how and connections with all the top VIP Clubs in Budapest, and for a very reasonable fee can get you a genuine discount. And of all the providers of these services perhaps none is better than Budapest VIP Clubs, generally regarded as the best party service in Budapest.

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Night clubs in Budapest:

VIP White Angel Budapest NightClub

(from September to May) This is one of the most exclusive and most expensive Budapest club. (however with a VIP party service, like Budapest VIP clubs we can get you discount prices) Its also a very modern club, massive and can host at least 3000 people comfortably. However, if you are not attracted by the crowds, you can also book VIP rooms in the exclusive VIP area above all the people on the dance floor with private jacuzzi and the hottest Hungarian party girls. The go-go girls and the dancers guarantee your entertainment all night.


VIP Club Play Budapest NightClub

(from September to May) Club Play is one of the most hyped clubs in Eastern Europe, where the Hungarian upper ten goes off steam and loosens up, surrounded by the hottest girls in exclusive environment. With our help, you can get the best tables in the VIP area and feel really privileged. Most of the guests agree that the most beautiful women of Budapest come to party to Club Play. It’s for you to decide whether this is the truth or a slight exaggeration, but Play is surely a club not to miss if you party at Budapest.


VIP Studio Budapest NightClub

(from September to May) Studio is the 3rd biggest club in the world, as 8000 people party here every second weekend! 100 dancers and go-go girls make this place rock every party night on the vast dance floor. Club Studio in Budapest is well known for its enduring, dizzying parties and a lot of fabulous girls. Certainly, the people in Studio Budapest know how to party.



VIP Bed Beach Budapest NightClub

(from May to September) Summer-only night club, where you can enjoy the company of Budapest’s hottest party girls. It’s a big and wide open place, painted completely in white, the vibe is fun and the dance areas are vast enough to either join a crush, or find some room. Worth going, for the dancing, or even to observe and enjoy the atmosphere.

VIP Club MIX Budapest NightClub

Club MIXor just MIX as Hungarians call it, is a elite, exclusive party place next to Westend City Center in mid-town. Mix is the place for house and other electronic music. The atmosphere of MIx in Budapest is chic and laid-back with its modern and discrete interior style.

The appeal of Mix lies in its elegant and exclusive simplicity. Mix offers dancing, drinking and relaxing at the same time. You can either hang around and relax or enjoy your meal in the back of Mix in comfortable vip couches with your friends, or dance to the house music with the famously beautiful and friendly Budapest party girls.

VIP Moulin Rouge Budapest NightClub

(from September to May) Like Paris, the eternal city of lights, Budapest never sleeps either. Hungarians certainly have something of the Frech joie de vie – and they also have their Moulin Rouge. The name and the luxurious decorations are the same, but the parties here have nothing of the last century. Moulin Rouge Budapest is a chic modern club for dancing, drinking, flirting and more. Good to know: this club rocks on Wednesdays as well, unlike many other VIP places. So even if you are in Budapest in the middle of the week, Moulin Rouge guarantees that you won’t be disappointed.

VIP Dokk Budapest NightClub

(from September to May) Girls and Party! Dokk is at Hajógyári sziget, the famous “Sziget” party island of Budapest. When its not the festival week, Dokk rules the island: cool but not expensive, this is the place to come if you want to invite those gorgeous Hungarian party girls for a drink.




VIP Coronita Budapest NightClub

Fancy to party until the small hours, even when most clubs close up? Do you want to make the most of your visit at Budapest? Club Coronita is open from the early afternoon and after 4.00 am as well, for those who simply cannot stop partying to the progressive music they play here. Plus with Budapest Nightclub Services, the best tables of the VIP area wait only for you.


Budapest is a very popular destination for international globe-trotting party animals. There are many reasons for this: some of the most beautiful women around, friendly atmosphere, wide variety of night life, clubs, discos and dance clubs. To most people who are into the worldwide party scene, Budapest is almost always on their list of places to see, if they haven’t already done so.

Strip clubs in Budapest:

Budapest has a flourishing bar and club scene; however, in order to really get pleasure from the Budapest nightlife, you would need do a little bit of research in order to decide on the right places that will appeal to your preferences in music as well as other your other tastes

The variety of nightclubs in Budapest include up-to-the-minute clubs with well-known Disc Jockeys, lesbian and gay clubs, Latin music, rock and roll, striptease and jazz clubs.

The striptease or table dance clubs in Budapest is quite possibly the most popular for the duration of a Stag Night; however, these clubs are also a huge hit for business men and just individuals who love to party. The best nightclubs in Budapest are well-known all across the European borders for having the most stunning girls, with excellent service for a price that is affordable. However, as in most business, there are ‘rip-off’ nightclubs that you should stay away from. These nightclubs are typically in less than desirable areas, so it is important that you steer clear of these places.

Top Strip Clubs of Budapest

Tropical Bar & Strip Club

The club is definitely one of the nightclubs to visit in Budapest and it is among the most prominent nightclubs in Budapest and it is also the oldest. It offers the very best in nightlife when you are looking for erotic entertainment. It is located in the centre of Budapest, approximately 1 minute away from the Fashion Street. It is also in the immediate environs of some of the most renowned hotels; these include Kempinsky, Mercur, Sofitel, Intercontinental, and Meriot. The top-rated nightclub in the capital city provides great, first-class entertainment for you. Best of all, you will be able to take advantage of their reasonable prices and customer service that is totally client-centred. It can be safely said that there is absolutely no other nightclub in Budapest that is quite like this one.

Marilyn’s Strip Club

This club is one of the best nightclubs in Budapest, with stunning girls, reasonable prices and great entertainment including stag dances, shower shows and a great deal more. Marilyn’s is very popular among international vacationers and it is famous as a dance bar. Marilyn’s certainly should make your list of nightclubs to visit in Budapest.

Hallo Bar Budapest

The Hallo Bar that is located in Budapest is among the top night clubs in Budapest and its prices are very attractive. Additionally, the bar provides a bevy of gorgeous girls, in an authentic strip club atmosphere. The Hallo Bar is frequented by international travellers as a result of the previously mentioned features as well as testimonials from individuals who have visited and felt the need to sing its praises. If you are interested in some entertainment specifically designed to suit the taste of male patrons, the Hallo Bar will provide that for you.

4 Play Lounge Budapest

This Lounge is an extremely transparent and open nightclub where the possibilities are endless, besides table dance and striptease. At the 4 Play Lounge, you will be able to get Sushi that is served on a beautiful lady or have a private dance at the same time as you are having dinner. The factor of entertainment in 4 Play is extremely high.

P1 Nightclub Budapest

This is one of the nightclubs to visit in Budapest and it is rated among the top night clubs in Budapest. Reviews and referrals from all over the Internet have highlighted that P1 Nightclub Budapest is entirely trustworthy and they have a multitude of beautiful girls as well as the reasonable prices.