Popular clubs in Budapest with long waiting lines always overbook their tables. In the spring, summer and autumn it’s possible for tables to be overbooked 2 or 3 times. Some clubs won’t even accept reservations as the demand is so high amongst regular club goers.

full bottle serviceAt this point, the hosts of the club (the people responsible for filling the tables) want to get tipped out as much as possible, as there is not enough tables for everyone. A tempting situation for some club hosts to get a little greedy…

Maybe they won’t hesitate to bump you off the reservation list in order to make a quick few hundred bucks. After all, one reservation is much like another. Unless of course the nightclub host has established a good rapport with the client. That’s where an established VIP party company in Budapest, such as BudapestVIPClubs surpasses others and provides the service VIPs require at a lower or equal price.

If you are fortunate enough to get your table but haven’t established a rapport or taken good care of your host, chances are your table will be in the hallway, under the stairs or somewhere way in the back by the broom closet. It can be tricky to know what to tip your host, and if it will really make a difference. He/she may not even be able to make any changes at that point in time.

Typically the best tables will be saved for VIP companies or clients who go to the club on a regular basis. The amount of bottles to be purchased can also make a difference. When seasons slow down, getting a table can still be a hassle and involve much waiting but service fees are less or nonexistent.

Ordering Bottle Service

Getting bottle service isn’t as easy as you would like to think. VIP tables and bottle service are in high demand, and may not always be available.

Why Use Our VIP party Service in Hungary?

So why choose us to get bottle service? If you choose BudapestVIPClubs to take care of your night, there will be no waiting and you will get a great table. BudapestVIPClubs not only provides excellent VIP service but can also make your night less expensive as we always have great deals for getting you free bottles!

Most of our clients at BudapestVIPClubs are experienced Budapest VIPs. They have tried booking tables directly through clubs before and been told “your table is reserved”. Imagine their disappointment to later find out that their table has been sold, can’t be found, or won’t be ready for some undisclosed amount of time! One thing you can count on is that the doorman will be looking for something extra.

If you book your night with BudapestVIPClubs, we will take care of all your concerns. Not only can we guarantee your table, but we will save you the stress of organizing your special night and maybe comp you a bottle or two.


Bottle service isn’t for everyone. It does work out to be more expensive, but you do get a lot of perks for your extra expense. Bottle service is best for those who want to be treated like a VIP or celebrate a special night.