What if I want to take 10 guys with me to the nightclub?

No problem, we can help you with that.

Can I book a guestlist 6 weeks in advance?

Yes, no problem.

What if I am refused entry into the night club?

We will take care that you and all your friends will get in to the club seamlessly.

Will I have to queue/wait in the line to get in?

No, with BudapestVIPClubs your immediate access is guaranteed.

Does being on the guestlist mean that i get in for free!

Yes, with our services you get into all clubs for free!

How accurate is the information contained on this site?


Is this a secure site?

Yes, it is 100% secure.

Will my details be passed on to a third party?

No, we hate SPAM too and we never give out any contact details to anyone. Our service is highly discreet.

Is there a cost to be added to a guest list?

No! There are no hidden prices!

Does inclusion on the guest list guarantee I will get in?