We work with Budapest’s most exclusive clubs and bars to ensure that our clients have the opportunity to experience the variety of nightlife that can only be found in the greatest party city in Europe.

We know the atmosphere

Nowhere can you find a more eclectic atmosphere than in Budapest VIP clubs. We know as party-goers that it can be difficult and stressful to find the ideal club and to get on the guest list.

For this reason, we carefully select which Budapest guest lists and clubs that we work with to ensure that your have a great night out. Our Budapest guest list service brings this to you for free and at the touch of a button. There is discrete, there is openly crazy, there is style, there is something for everyone!

We can make your Budapest party dream come true

You might ask yourself:

  • Where are the hottest Hungarian girls?
  • Where are the best clubs?
  • How can I get in the VIP areas?
  • How can I have the best table at the venue?
  • How can I get in touch with the Hungarian celebrities, DJs?

With our service all your questions will be answered and all your wishes and dreams will be taken care of.

We get you the best VIP table

Premier clubs can be on the costly side for VIP events, but with our free entrance versus paying door entry prices you may find the savings place you in the position to party without worry. Additionally, as always, when you let us handle your bookings, you also have guaranteed entry so you never have to worry about being turned away at the door.

We get you pass the line, no more waiting

If you do not have the luxury of a connection or a hosted entrance, you typically can expect to wait 1 hour before you can get your groove on. The wait is far from entertaining unless you are amused by drunks, pushy people, and others cutting in line.

Have you ever waited in line and wondered how some people were able to walk straight up to the entrance, wave someone down, and get in immediately? You look on with wonder. How are they so important that they get in straight away? That could be you, if you wish to take advantage of hosted entrance services offered by Budapest VIP clubs.

When you’’re looking for special treatment for a special occasion or if you just want to live it up, Budapest VIP Clubs can assist by offering a VIP host services to any of the hot clubs in the city.

We will get you discount prices in the best nightclubs of Budapest

Not only can Budapest VIP Clubs offer you all of these services, but we can offer them to you with discounts included so that you can save while having the best night out at the clubs possible.

We provide you a full party service in Budapest

Using our VIP services, we provide you with a personalized and tailored response as well as the accommodations or reservations you may need. we also will reply back to you via email if you have additional enquiries. When you book a VIP table reservation at a nightclub, you never have to second guess your decision, because we will provide the answers and reassurance you need.

We bring you hot Hungarian party girls

We also realise that what all our clients have in common whether they a bachelor party or a corporate group they all adore beautiful girls and want to interact with them.

This is what makes us better than the rest is that we don’t only organise for you a seamless experience, we bring the party with us, we bring the party girls. We can provide all types of girls, including Playmates, Pornstars and Magazine models.